Dental CPA

How do you feel about your accounting relationship? Here’s what some of our clients have said about us.


We have loved having Kate Willeford on our team of advisor over the last six years. Her knowledge of the industry has allowed us to meet and exceed each business goal set. We highly recommend not only her accounting services, but also her consulting services to help your business grow. Thank you Kate for your passion and all you bring to our business.

- Amber Halper

“Until I started working with Debra Lane, I never thought I would ever be able to balance my life—working as a solo dentist along with my love of being a mom….. Thanks to Debra, and her help with time management, I have more time with my family, no longer arrive home with an armful of work, and I have a greater understanding of the business side of dentistry. Previously, I was fumbling in my attempts to manage my business. Lacking business knowledge, I was ill-equipped and felt that I was just winging it.

Now working with Debra (since 2012), along with her fantastic team, what a difference! She has shown me how to block out administrative time during part of my Thursday work hours while my practice still operates. She has educated me on structuring and analyzing my business. I have a better understanding of the numbers, specifically with regards to overhead expenses. I leave each quarterly meeting with a specific ‘to do’ list. Debra Lane far surpasses the average CPA and is someone who truly cares.”

- Dr. Christina VerSchave, Belmar Smiles

Kate and her team at Willeford Group proactively provide me tax and financial advice that allows me to focus on what’s most important: providing the best dental care to my patients possible. Every year, whether it’s new tax strategies or putting me in touch with specialized consultants, Willeford Group has a plan ready for me.

Over the last 5 years, Kate and her team have helped me to seamlessly transition from associate to partner to owner of Douglas Dental Care. I could not have done it without them. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together in the next 5 years!

- Dimitri Arfanakis, DMD, BA

“About 3 years ago, I made perhaps the single most valuable business decision for my dental practice—switching to Debra Lane as my new Dental CPA. As a well established general dentist of 25+ years, I had, what appeared like, a stellar practice from the outside….. I was in the top 5% of producers among high-end Denver-area offices. I owned a modern, state-of-the-art office and had the support of skilled team members. But from the inside, I had serious cash flow problems. My overhead was abysmal (it’s shameful to admit how high it was). After so many years of hard hard work, you can only imagine my agonizing frustration in forgoing paycheck after paycheck just to keep my practice running.

Upon hearing of Debra Lane, I made the accountant switch. Debra immediately offered advice on a variety of ways to reduce my overhead and regain control of cash flow. Some were very simple solutions that neither of my 2 previous accountants ever identified! Within a year’s time of following Debra’s thoughtful recommendations, I was not only making a deserved profit, but I grew more profitable than I ever would have imagined! She’s a CPA and Practice Consultant packaged in one. I attribute so much of my ongoing success to Debra!”

- Dr. Thomas Bonbright, Lowry Advanced Dentistry

“If I were ever trapped on a deserted island, all I would need is a high speed hand piece and Debra Lane! Yes, she is truly that valuable to me…..

Between my various personal financial endeavors, along with growing my dental practice, I have probably thrown more curveballs to Debra than all her other clients combined. Throughout it all, Debra has kept me calm, clear-minded, and, as a 32-year-old (young) dentist, I have relied on her every step of the way.

On the personal side, when I had veered off course in some real estate and rental property investments, she helped untangle me from ventures I didn’t belong in and redirected me to wiser decisions.

On the practice side, Debra continues to help me navigate the multitude of business items at hand, including the recent construction of my dental building, where I rent out space to other tenants. She has guided me in taking on both an associate and a partner. She has helped me tremendously in practicing efficiently and profitably. Because of her specialization in dental business accounting, she’s able to compare all my line-item expenses to industry norms. Any red-flag item is immediately addressed and remedied.

Debra always has a solution!”


- Dr. Lee Smith, Hollow Brook Family Dentistry

“I would be lost without having Debra Lane as part of my team. Debra Lane is the best CPA accountant I have worked with… My road to achieving my goals, both business and personal, has been smoother with Debra and her team on my side.”

- Olga T., DDS

You are the best!!!…..as I have said many times!…..absolutely invaluable to me and always there to help (even when I don’t know I need help) J

Thank You,

- Dr. Scott Merritt
Bridgemill Dentistry

Thank you so much for all the great advice for this past year! It sure paid off! You all are my new heroes. Worked so hard last year and glad I did not owe anything. It would not have been pleasant.

Hope you all are doing well! Thanks again for all your help!

Kindest Regards,

- Jane Patneau

Thank you for running the webinar again- really appreciate Willeford Group for doing that (and answering questions at the end of the webinar).

We Appreciate You,

- Abbey Lee

Thank you very much.  You are a great team.  My approaching retirement makes me feel so grateful for the support you all (including Rick!) have given me the past 35 years.  I doubt I would be retiring at all without you keeping me on the right path.

- Dr. David Bordeaux